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Carlos Kelly 

I’m a full-stack software engineer and open-source software maintainer with over 16 years of experience, building apps using web and native platform technologies. My background is leading engineering teams and organizations to build and ship performant, accessible, and scalable software applications. I’m a software engineer at Multiple , a developer-centric load test platform that can test anything across your stack.

Tech Stack

React, React Native, Node, Express, Nest.js, TypeScript, Swift, Kotlin, GraphQL, Headless CMS, Next.js, Astro, Remix, Angular, UIKit, AWS, Docker

Open Source

Projects I have maintained, built, and contributed to over my career.

Personal website for Carlos Kelly using Astro and Tailwind, deployed on Vercel.
A React-based library for creating sleek presentations using JSX syntax that gives you the ability to live demo your code.
A charting library for React Native with a focus on performance and customization.
Small, fast, and accessibility-first React carousel library with an easily customizable UI and behavior to fit your brand and site.
A flexible playground for live editing React components
Monorepo for web app and GPIO-based controller app for signaling a traffic light

Work History

2024 present


Principal Software Engineer

Full-stack engineering building out the platform using Remix, React, Node, and NestJS. Jolt is an AI codegen tool that takes a coding task, generates an editable file-by-file plan for you to review, and then outputs the resulting code to a git branch or local files on your machine.

2022 2024



I headed up the engineering, design, and product delivery organization and manage the engineering leadership team. Formidable is a global design, product, and engineering agency with a team of over 80 employees servicing clients such as Puma, Starbucks, Walmart, The Atlantic, and TechStyle. I helped lead the company through a successful acquisition by NearForm in 2023.

2020 2022


Director of Engineering

I managed client projects and a team of engineering managers with a focus on mobile and web applications. Worked with our Business Development team on sales, staffing, and client success.

2016 2020


Principal Software Engineer & Manager

I led a team of developers, hired and on–boarded new team members, and worked on several mobile and web React, Node, and GraphQL-based projects.

2015 2016

Modus Create

Senior Software Engineer

Led the front-end development efforts of several lab projects for Marriott. Worked on a rewrite of a regional product site using React with server side rendering for Uniqlo.

2010 2015

Object Systems Group

Software Engineer

Consulted for the Barclaycard Bespoke Offers iOS native app using UIKit and Objective-C. My daily responsibilities included sprint planning, working with product owners on design and experience, architecture, and feature development.

2008 2010

Las Vegas Gaming, Inc.

Software Engineer

Assisted software development by co-designing the interface and unit testing for a slot machine entertainment portal macOS application written in Cocoa and Objective-C.